Genuine paid traffic sources

Google Ads– It’s the most popular search engine in the world. And yes, this one was incredibly obvious, but it had to be said, nevertheless. When you consider the devices your audience uses, you know that Google has its finger in almost every metaphorical pie out there.

You’ve got so many advertising options to choose from, as well as a relatively low cost per click rate.

YouTube– When you talk about YouTube, you talk about a whole new audience. These people genuinely care about content, and not just any content – video-based content.

With banners, videos and text, you get a decent range of formats to choose from. Additionally, since its available in more than 70 countries, you can bet that you’ll get to target your advertisements to various demographics.

Facebook– Whether your a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this is a fantastic place to source your traffic. The thing with Facebook is that its so easy to use, that even if you know absolutely nothing about advertising, you’ll still be able to find your way around.

Some people do have negative opinions about Facebook’s current situation and believe that the site’s popularity has died down in recent times. However, as things stand it still remains a good place to invest, though you would probably want to explore other avenues, just in case.

Instagram– Here’s where you’ll find a large number of “millennials”. All your targeted campaigns will be run through Facebook, and as a bonus, you’re not required to have an Instagram account to run a campaign on Instagram.

One of the cons of this kind of advertising is limited formats. Given that Instagram is a visual-based platform you can only use videos or images to get your message across.

Take a full usage of these paid traffic sources and in combination with Babylon Traffic, you will see results in no time. In addition to choosing the right paid traffic sources to run your ad campaigns, you also need to focus on the basics of marketing.

A great CTA, effective copy and good graphics, all go a long way in getting the most out of your investment. If you’re using content to source traffic, then you have to ensure that its top-quality material that has the ability to stand out amidst the clutter that prevails. If you don’t find success after experimenting with multiple sources, its time to re-evaluate your strategy.