The best free blogging platforms

There has been an increase in the number of blog sites available online to make money as blogging has become a lucrative online business. But, WordPress and Blogger are among the best of best.

WordPress is an open-source platform for bloggers, and it comes with a token fee to use this platform. You can host your blog on this platform for as low as $2.75 a month which may vary depending on the host you are hosting your blog on.

With, you will enjoy the use of the platform with great features that will help you to make money with your blog. You get access to thousands of plugins and templates that you can use on your platform, customizing it to your taste. They have an excellent customer service that is available 24/7 and will help you in setting up and using the platform.

You can make money on this platform as one of the best blog sites to make money with its unique SEO features. The platform is easy to use as you can get your blog running in no time and with the free useful plugins available, you can customize your blog to help you make money with SEO plugins, analytical tools, and user-friendly templates and if you are looking to increase viewers of your blogs than I would suggest Babylon Traffic too.

Blogger is one of the best free blog sites for bloggers which is owned by Google. And with Google affiliated to the platform, you have the luxury of earning money through ad revenue from Google Adsense. It is the only free platform where you can install Google Adsense and earn money from ads.

With blogger, you will enjoy free hosting, but you will be limited to using their domain name except you pay for a third party domain name. With blogger, you have limited access to free templates, and it is not easy to customize the platform to your taste. For making money, you are very much limited to Google Adsense as it is difficult to make money on the platform with other methods.

With these blog sites, you can start your online business, choosing the right platform that suits you and your budget. Along with the passion for blogging, the right platform is essential in making money from blogging.