The most effective Twitter bots for increasing followers and traffic

Statistics clearly show that bots and automation software have had quite a huge impact on Twitter. In fact, 15% of the overall Twitter population is automated. That means Twitter users, especially marketers have automated their Twitter activities to simplify fasten their activities in the name of saving time and growing their accounts.

Twitter bots especially are an outlet of creativity, automation, reflection, and even self-care. This, in other words, means that you can depend on them and let them work magic on your Twitter Timeline with all but good vibes.

TweetFull bot is a great Twitter growth hacking tool that usually engages leads, gains followers and most importantly, promotes your business. The bot is useful in automatically following other users on your behalf enabling the Twitter account to grow and to reach more followers whenever something is posted on the timeline.

To find people who are like-minded or potential customers for a product, Tweet Full uses the hashtag to source for similar people who may have an interest in the product or the idea.

MonsterSocial is one of the most popular Twitter bots you will find. The bot is amazingly easy to use and one more advantage of having to board the MonsterSocial ship is because you will be able to use it in automating other social media platforms.

Jarvee is one of the most amazing bots you will find for your Twitter automation.  Aside from Twitter automation, the tool is also used in the automation of various social media platforms. The bot is quite compatible and can be used in automation of all the other social media platforms as well including, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube and even LinkedIn. Jarvee is only operational on Windows PCs, and it operates continuously when the PC is running.

All the mentioned tools above you can use to grow your Twitter account. You can choose to have a number of them as long as you use them right. In combination with Babylon Traffic, they provide the most optimal results. Most of these bots are designed to increase your social media(Twitter) presence. Once your presence is established, your account will grow to a completely new level.