Free traffic sources for your website

SEO is still one of the best free traffic sources. As a matter of fact, Google searches have been growing consistently every year. And they’re expected to grow for the foreseeable future. So that means that SEO is still one of the best free traffic sources available and you should be paying close attention to the opportunities to get a slice of the trillions of search engine users onto YOUR website. SEO is evolving, so you should too. Look for trendy topics and write all your articles in an SEO-friendly manner. Write all your content aimed at your readers but with search algorithms in mind. Depending on your industry, I advise you to use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google trends, to validate your topic idea in terms of monthly search volume around that topic.

In the current era of people always available on social media platforms, social media has become an excellent source of free traffic to your site. A considerable number of people spend hours and hours on social media every day. Therefore, if you require some free traffic for your website, this is an excellent place to start from.

YouTube is another wonderful and useful source of free traffic for your website or eCommerce store. It is one of the highly frequented websites in the world of internet, and internet marketers widely use it. If you are a blogger, YouTube can be an excellent source of free traffic for your website. Although YouTube may not be a source of instant traffic, it is a great platform where you can market anything for free. Moreover, people can view content from YouTube using their smartphones, which opens more opportunities for marketers and website owners.

Although most people are now turning too social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, forums are still an effective method of driving traffic. Forum marketing is the process by which you market your brand on forums that are somehow related to what you offer.  Getting the right forum, which has enough postings, and members can significantly change the level of visitors on your website. 

If you are new in this game, or you are already into it and was wondering how you can bring in more traffic to your site these traffic sources with Babylon, quality traffic tool is the right way to start generating more visitors on your website.