Practical tactics and tools that you should implement to generate traffic on your website

Google favors content that genuinely caters to an audience. That leaves you a lot of room to optimize your page for a search. Titles and headlines matter. I’ve noticed that when you place exact keywords in subheads, your posts are pulled up by search. It’s also important to consider posts ranking for the keyword you are targeting as competition, and to try and outdo them, which is referred to as the “Skyscraper technique”. Several marketers, including myself, have experienced the results of this technique.

Long-tail keywords may be considered unpopular because their search volumes are generally low, but they can earn you a serious amount of traffic. These keywords are usually four words or longer. Remember that the longer a keyword is, the easier you will find it to rank on top SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Long-tail keywords are typically conversational, something that your target groups might use when they’re looking for specific answers that regular keywords don’t cover. If you are uncertain about how you can find long-tail keywords, use a keyword suggestion tool like UberSuggest. It’s a great alternative to the keyword ideas on Google’s Keyword Planner.

Guest blogging, ideally, you should begin by defining your target demographic and assessing which blogs have access to a large segment of them. Audience intelligence tools like Audience Insights on social platforms and Google Analytics can help paint a picture of your target demographics.

Emails are one of the smartest ways to reach mobile users. If you are targeting the right people with the right content, you can get them with email notifications on their mobile phones. The key is to build hyper-specific email lists that consist only of your target groups. This means that your landing pages matter because they are essentially the hubs where you build and nurture your email subscribers. With a landing page optimization tool like Unbounce, you can create visually appealing landing pages, A/B test them and collect data for future endeavors.

Building anything from scratch online is an uphill climb, which is why you should focus on finding growth tips and tools, like Babylon Traffic,  that can accelerate your progress.