Cheap and effective paid traffic sources

AdWords is by far the most superior network out there, the traffic is highly targeted and you’re often getting the first bite of the apple – particularly if you’re maxing out your CPC price. But that doesn’t mean to say lower-tier traffic won’t convert. In terms of an ROI, it actually does pretty well in comparison even if the volume and overall costs are lower.

For those who have become disillusioned with AdWords, Bing tends to be the obvious alternative. As expected, BingAds covers the second-in-market search engine, Yahoo and Bing – so it’s the obvious choice. However, given it’s very much a second-tier advertising platform it means that the prices you’ll pay per click are significantly cheaper than the likes of AdWords. But as you’d also come to expect, the traffic tends to be massively lower in volume. But in terms of ROI, it’s a great alternative – especially if you’re working with low volume/big-ticket keywords.

If you’re operating any kind of eCommerce store you need to stop what you’re doing and sign up to Amazon. By using Amazon, you can have your products appear in the search listings on one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. It’s a no brainer. You’ll need to pay for it obviously but if you’re selling real-world products, with good margins and not simply peddling affiliate offers it should be your first port of call.

Believe it or not, Facebook offers more than cat videos or updates on what your friend had for their lunch. It actually boasts a high-end advertisement platform. Sure, some people shun it but think for a second how many people are viewing Facebook at any one time, using it to search for things, get recommendations, etc. Wouldn’t you like to reach these people with your product or service offerings? Exactly. The pricing compared to traditional search based networks is also massively lower.

If you’ve ever seen the big blocks of banner ads at the bottom of an article labeled “from around the web” or “recommended content” – this is typically Outbrain or one of its competitors. Typically, these ads in terms of PPC don’t cost too much as you need masses of clicks/traffic to convert but if you’ve got any kind of potentially viral content it’s definitely worth considering. What Outbrain also does is open up doors to high-end websites which you typically wouldn’t be able to advertise on via traditional networks like AdWords. Many of the world’s biggest brands use Outbrain as a secondary monetization method.

Like with all things PPC, it’s all about trial and error. You need to tweak everything from your website landers to your ad text and even the entire platform you’re using before you find a balance which is going to work well for you and your project, for me personally, the mixture of Adwords, Facebook, and Babylon Traffic, the sophisticated tool is the right balance.