Better alternatives for Instagram bots

Instagram bots are services that give any IG users, especially businesses, influences, and marketers, more followers on their accounts. It is a computer program that can like, follow, and comment on any IG posts and accounts. It can perform all tasks, or any of the three, depending on what the IG account needs.

There have been ways that can still help IG accounts gain audiences and expand reach without accumulating fake and spammy followers that Instagram bot offers.

VSCO is one of the leading editing apps for photos and videos. Created out of creativity, this app’s goal is to help users create something that is unique and according to their taste. It is built with easy-to-use functionalities and tools so that anyone can enjoy it less technicality. It contains 130 plus filters that include vintage filters like Kodak, Agfa, and others. It can also transform any video using its Video Coloring features. More than these, it has a community of users sharing tips and own creations that can help in enhancing IG content and be more noticeable.

Embed Stories has a new service they call Instagram Stories. This feature lets its users embed their IG stories on their very own website. Once the user displayed their Instagram Stories widget on their website, it automatically syncs and updates each time a new story or photo is added on the IG account. This way, stories will not be put into waste, instead can still be seen by visitors to the website. The catch, users can embed unlimited Story widgets on their websites.

Hashtag for likes- Their main purpose is to help IG accounts, even those with a smaller niche, to reach the top trending and be noticed. It helps in automatically sourcing the hashtags according to the topic and made them readily available for copying and pasting on the IG posts.

Fortunately, there are still many ways to acquire bulk of followers the right way. So if you are thinking of ways on how to vulcanize your followers the above mentioned alternatives are your good starters, in combination with sophisticated tool called Babylon Traffic. This tool us a technique that  is an efficient and faster way of attracting followers and notices from other IG users.