Good alternative traffic sources for Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Advertisers that have maxed out their target audience reach on these platforms need to look elsewhere for incremental gains.

If you are an e-commerce merchant, you should be considering Amazon for your brand. If you are ready to invest in Amazon, you should know their latest ad products include: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and multi-page stores. In addition, Amazon also offers Display ads, Video ads, Custom ads, and ads on the Amazon DSP (demand-side platform). You’ll need to decide if you want to sell products directly to Amazon customers or if you want to sell directly to Amazon, who then sells your products to customers. 

Quantcast has always touted its data set and audience insights to mold a new, untapped display audience for marketers. Driving visits and revenue to your site. Quantcast offers a free data and audience insights tool called  Quantcast Measure to help advertisers build their strategy, learn about their audience behaviors and personas, and learn about competitor audiences. Quantcast also offers its paid advertising solution, which is a real-time, programmatic solution focusing on prospecting and retargeting.

If your company is B2B, LinkedIn is the first ads platform you should test. LinkedIn offers business targeting options from targeting specific job titles to doing ABM (Account Based Marketing) focused on specific businesses. There are three ad types on LinkedIn: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads. Within those categories, LinkedIn has recently expanded its creative types to include video, which gives B2B advertisers a new outlet for telling their brand story on the most professional-focused social ads platform.

What sets Pinterest apart from other image-based, social platforms is the user intent: planning. If you want to grab your audience’s attention on Pinterest, you’ll need to make sure your creative team has the time and resources to produce high-quality imagery and/or videos for Pinterest pins.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to Google Ads and Facebook Ads that diversify your marketing mix. By integrating more channels into to your daily advertising strategy and by using your own website with a high-quality tool like Babylon you will incorporate a larger audience, build a funnel, gain more sales over time, and have touch points across all network types on the web (search engines, app stores, marketplaces, display, social media, and more).