Accuracy of keywords and backlinks results from SEMrush

Once you’ve figured out the keywords you really want to track (whether you already have pages targeting them or you’re planning on creating some), you’ll want to add them to the position tracking tool. Here you get weekly updates on how you and your competitors are ranking for those keywords.

Another really cool feature is it will show you all the various SERP Features the keyword is triggering and who has those SERP Features.

You can review the specific pages you are ranking for those keywords to see if they need improvement.

You can stalk your competitors’ landing pages to see what they’re doing to help you get new ideas for your pages.

And one of my favorite features of the Position Tracking tool, especially if you’re a local business, is you can Geo-target those keywords to see how you’re doing at a local search level rather than rely on your national rankings.

Backlinks are still one of the most important signals to search engines to help them determine the quality of pages.

While the copy itself is still the most important metric, search engines look to see how other people and websites feel about the quality of the content.

Think about it, you wouldn’t link to a page that held zero value for your audience to follow. Why would you send them somewhere that didn’t help them further?

Instead, you’d link to high-quality content that would be valuable for them to read.

In the Backlink Analytics tool, you can review the total backlinks to your (or a competitor’s website), which pages are being linked to, where those links are coming from, and how your total backlinks are growing over time.

Remember, you can also use this tool to check out where your competitors are getting links from and use these as opportunities for outreach.

All in all, SEMrush is an amazing tool that can provide an overabundance of information for anyone looking to optimize their website, find the most profitable keywords to target, and/or uncover loads of information about their competitors.

From what I’ve seen SEMrush is easily one of the best SEO tools available on the market right based on the immense amount of information and metrics available for view.

However, SEMrush may not be best for the casual user as it can take quite a bit of time getting comfortable with finding all of the useful data one can compile to improve their site and keyword strategy. If you want to start with something simple and your main goal is to increase your overall traffic, then I would suggest trying Babylon Traffic, with it bringing viewers to your website won’t represent a problem anymore.