Get more country-specific traffic to a website

Typically, top-level domain extensions such as .com and .org are rank high on global search engines, but buying a country-specific domain is a better idea for targeting a specific country for your blog or website.

Another important factor in driving Geo-targeted traffic is your server location. If your target country for traffic is U.S. (United States) based servers should host your website.

When Google began the search, they used backlinks to find the popularity of content. With the passage of time, there have been many changes, but the importance of backlinks still remains. For this reason, targeting country-specific backlinks is a good idea. You can also use Alexa to get a list of popular websites in a particular country or to get domains with country-specific domain names. This particular strategy proves to be the most efficient when you want to target a particular country’s traffic. You can also drive country-based backlinks by taking advantage of guest blogging opportunities or spending some time on the art of blog commenting. If these two are done well then both of these methods are proven and are penguin-safe.

It can not be applied to a generic blog, but if you are running a service blog or e-commerce website, Google Places will be very useful to you. Claim your business in Google Places and add all related information like address, phone number and more. This will help Google know the business location of your business.

You can also create social media profiles and fill out the information on different websites to help push your specific targeted traffic to the targeted country and to get more local citations. You can try Knowem to check the availability of social media profiles.

So those are some techniques that you can use to target a specific country’s website traffic. After this, you will need to keep track of the keyword progress in your target country. This will help you to know which strategies are working and which are not. When you discover such a strategy, which is working, you can focus on that strategy and push it to move to the next level with a Babylon Traffic’s help.