Make a first good impression of your website

How fast your website loads is the absolute first impression you make. It sounds obvious, but as companies continue to add more graphics and get more creative with their designs, site speed can oftentimes slow down without a Webmaster even knowing it. Keep in mind that the second-second window you have starts the moment that someone clicks, so if you have a site that takes three seconds to load you only have four seconds to make an impression, if you even last that long.

The worst thing that you can do for your first impression is to overload the visitor with too many graphics and too much content. The more careful you are with your design, the better chance you have that the right information will jump off the page and/or directing a visitor’s eyes to where you want them to go. Any designer will tell you that white space is crucial to making this happen. It’s easy to use and a quick change to make! make sure that the content on your landing pages has some sort of hook to keep people on the page. Promotions and special deals can work well for some companies, but try not to sound too sales-y.

The best type of content is content that urges visitors to click deeper into your website, and oftentimes it’s the buzzy content that intrigues people that gets you to that point, not a sales pitch. It sounds simple enough, but lots of companies struggle with what content to feature if they only have second seconds.

Some websites will have an introductory video play as soon as someone visits the site. Video is one of the fastest ways to understand information, and when you only have seven seconds to make a first impression faster is always better.

With the increase in mobile use and social media websites that employ infinite scrolling, searchers are used to the scroll. In other words, when they visit a website they very often immediately scroll down, whereas in the past it was all about what you did above the fold to get people interested. This is no longer the case, which means you need to use all of these tips on your entire webpage. Keep images, testimonials, case studies, special offers, and great content flowing even below the fold so that people will want to dig deeper into your site.

 In terms of making a good first impression of your website’s content and design just follow all of the tips above.