How can I increase traffic to my website without using SEO

Facebook is a gold mine. Facebook organic traffic may have been declining recently but you can still generate good amount of quality traffic to your site using Facebook groups. People don’t get the right results or positive outcomes because they are using Facebook groups in the wrong way. You must use a strategic approach when choosing the groups to join, you must understand when to post and most importantly WHAT to post. If you understand these key points, then you can easily generate free traffic to your website using Facebook groups.

LinkedIn groups are another great traffic booster. LinkedIn can easily help you drive qualified traffic to your site. You can use the same strategy for LinkedIn groups that you are using for Facebook groups. The only difference is you need to use a different approach. Why? Because LinkedIn is a niche site (professional networking site). There are high profile and professional people surfing on LinkedIn on a daily basis. So you want to play safe and decent. You have to think twice about what you write and post.

Reddit is another great source to increase website traffic without SEO and for free. But it is not that straight forward. Reddit is more like a discussion forum and to get the result through Reddit, you need to spend time engaging with SubReddits. If you are thinking of just visiting Reddit and post your links to a couple of different SubReddits then it is not going to work. Self-promotion is a big no-no! Redditors aren’t big fans of self-promotion and that is why you have to first engage and provide value to SubReddits in the form of upvotes, comments, giving feedback and helping other members with some valuable and free content. Once you have built some engagement around you only then can promote a few of your stuff/posts in a non-pushy way.

So, basically use the full potential of social media, mix them with quality traffic source called Babylon and you have a great recipe for long-term success.