Increase traffic to your Hindi blog

Blog Name, URL and niche are the most important things for a successful blog, Mostly Niche. Whenever you register your blog domain, try to choose Short, Simple, Eye-Catching. And the best part, People will get to know with the name of the blog that what type of information has been shared on the blog so try to choose the name which indicates your business, it also helps you in SEO.

Some of the newbies start there blogging journey and end up quickly due to no result in the ranking and income.

Though you are making a Hindi blog that doesn’t mean you can not use any English word. To Increase Hindi blog Traffic, you should use High Ranking English Words in your article content. And high ranking keywords can be used in English only.

Your blog should be attractive but with a simple design. I have discussed this thing with many other bloggers and they advise me with the same answer which is Simple Design of the blog.

Visitors, as well as Search engines, don’t like too much colorful blogs or websites because deep Colours affect the visitor’s eyes by and they visit less in numbers again. Play safe- use white, black, red, blue and sometimes green those are the common colors that are used by most of the bloggers.

If you want to succeed with your blog and want to make money then only focus on the single blog at a time. I have seen many bloggers that create a 2-3 blog in the hope that some will get rank.

I don’t mean that you can not make multiple blogs, I just want to say that you should focus on 1 blog. By implementing the mentioned tips and utilizing  Babylon’s quality geo-targeted you will succeed eventually. Then you can move to another one.