High-impact ways to generate more online traffic

If your website is a car, a good SEO strategy is an engine.

Your website pages, landing pages and blog posts are the fuel—you have to keep feeding the machine with great content, or it won’t drive anyone to visit your site. With an engine and fuel, your car will get you from Point A to Point B, but it will only go so fast. It has its limits. What’s the difference between an A-to-B car and a high-performance sports car? Horsepower.

Investing in paid advertising is like upgrading to a 600-HP engine and adding a turbocharger. It will amplify all your efforts and generate web traffic much faster than organic traffic alone, especially for people who are ready to buy.

Video has become the preferred medium for many buyers looking for solutions. Almost half of us watch an hour or more of videos on Facebook and YouTube each week. It not only gets our attention; it actually gets us to buy. Video marketing can also have a dramatic impact on your search engine ranking. Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as a 5-second video can have a huge impact. Regardless of the industry, it’s clear videos are more widely shared and clicked on compared to static content. If you’re not using video marketing, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase website traffic, brand awareness and sales.

Internal linking is very important for website traffic. If you have awesome content or web pages, you should add links from one blog post to another to keep traffic flowing

Many websites forget about internal linking. This is a big mistake. These links are useful as they help readers navigate your website and define the architecture of your site. But you must also try to avoid using too many links on one page. 40-50 internal links in each web page might be a happy medium.

Now you know my high-impact ways of generating traffic. Give these ways a try, mix them with Babylon’s quality traffic and watch as more targeted visitors start coming to your site.