How to get 20 000 daily free traffic to a new blog

First of all, only write long, well-researched posts with lots of links to sources and great visuals. In order to make a reading of these long posts a good experience,  focus on readability. So, font-size 16px, since that is what our browsers were made for. What size font on a webpage is equivalent to the way text appears in an average paper book. Then, Line height 24px to ensure enough white space.  Use Georgia font because of its beautiful and specially designed for computer screens. All standard web fonts are pretty much equal. Lastly, New paragraph every 4-5 lines. An empty line between paragraphs. Lots of sub-headlines.

No epic content will help you if you don’t help the distribution along. People will not find your content by accident or via search if the site is new. A person must be exposed to your content to ever have a chance of spreading it. This means they have to be following you on Twitter, fans of your page on Facebook, on your email list, etc. The person must become aware of your specific piece of content before they can spread it. They have to read your Tweet or open your email. That person must be motivated by something (generally in the content itself) to want to share it with their contacts.

So you should use the same tactic and you’ll find success. Make sure that you reference and link to a ton of people and companies in your posts, and then let them know about it either over email or Twitter. Perhaps half the time they’ll mention your blog post on their Twitter account, on their blog or they’ll just find out about you and start following your blog or Twitter. What I’ve described here is not rocket science. Allocate time and start doing it. It’s more fun than you think.