Importance of 5 000 visitors on your website

If you haven’t, you need to start blogging. Your blog needs to be designed first and foremost to give the reader value. As well as giving value, write about something of human interest — a personal story that people can relate to. People won’t react to the shameless promotion, because we simply have enough marketing in our lives. So concentrate on giving value at every corner, and you’ll be on the right track. There is untold value relating to how you roll out your blog posts too. It’s not all in the writing — it’s not simply ‘write and they will come’. As soon as you publish a blog post promote, you need to promote the link via the following means: Private entrepreneurship groups on Facebook, email, Twitter, LinkedIn.

If you nail a sweet spot, something strange starts to happen — people you have never met before start sharing your post. It’s a great feeling as more people start to become interested in your journey. You can also utilize features from a quality tool such as Babylon. The positive consequence of it is that you, of course, get more traffic to your site as a result.

5,000 visitors certainly won’t make you rich and famous, but it is an essential and rewarding first step in your startup journey. It’s amazing when you start to see traffic to your site from places you don’t know anyone.

Likewise, on Facebook you start getting likes from people you are not connected to. This is the digital crack that spurs you on. People who aren’t required to tell you how great you are turning up. And if you’re onto something, they’ll start to tell you how great you are too. Also, try to find additional traffic channels (social media, guest posts, YouTube, etc) and the number of website visitors will increase.