What it takes to get a million page views a month

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is pretty much just a set of steps to follow in order to ensure your website pops up as high as possible in Google searches. The core SEO surrounds 5 pillars.

First, keywords are pretty much what words do you want your site popping up for.

Next, incoming links refer to how many sites are linking to you, what keywords they are linking to, and how reputable are those sites.

Thirdly, the more traffic you get the higher up you rank.

Fourth, the amount of unique content on your site boosts your ranking, since Google only wants to be promoting the first edition.

Social Media presence– This is honestly just a requirement for everything in this day and age. Social media is slowly becoming the new go-to for marketing.

Building a good following on social media can be tricky but extremely rewarding for your traffic. At this point, about 10-20% of Everipedia’s traffic comes from our social media networks alone, translating to around 300-500k pageviews a month.

In order to expand and leverage your social media networks, consistency is key.

All of your networks should have the same pictures, headlines, links, and posts. This uniformity means that all of your consumers whether they look to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder for their news will find your page and see the content you push.

Additionally, make sure that all of your posts have hashtags on them or else you will miss a large chunk of organic search via social media sites.

Content is key. If you are not posting content, updating features, and overall continuing to exceed people’s expectations then last month’s first-time viewers will not be this month’s returning viewers.

As seen with most apps, the most important statistics are monthly active users and daily active users.

These stats derive from an extended recurring interest in the content of the app or site.

The problem with aiming to hit a million page views per month is that you need to average 35k pageviews a day – and this statistic doesn’t take weekends.

So neither can you.

Tying in with the previous point, if you would rather go to the beach on your weekends, then you are doing things wrong.

Building and maintaining a site requires extreme dedication and a ton of work, which needs to be constant.