How to get free genuine traffic to your website

Every day, more users continue to use the web through their mobile devices. Statistics have shown that the number of mobile users continues to increase, and so are mobile searches. Approximately 29 percent of mobile searches convert within sixty minutes. As such, it is crucial to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.

It is quite easy to create a mobile version of your website. You can adopt a responsive design, or if you are using WordPress, you can install a plugin. Moreover, consider Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a search marketing technique that is currently trending.

YouTube can help increase traffic to your website. Add annotation links to the video, and links back to your website in the description. Alternatively, you can request other YouTubers to share your content or link on their video. Making a video weekly can help drive traffic back to your site.

If you don’t have subscribers yet, approach YouTubers with huge followings and request them to become your affiliates or even pay them to get more website traffic. This is an excellent short-term strategy, but you should strive to establish your channel.

A headline is one of the core parts of the content. Unappealing headlines won’t get your audience to read your content no matter how comprehensive it is. So, learn how to write a catchy headline.

Most reputable companies write up to 25 headlines before choosing one that will attract more readers, Upworthy and BuzzFeed are examples of companies that do this. Therefore, think about an irresistible headline before you publish your content.

While it is common to find shorter keywords while keyword researching, you should also take time to consider long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are specific. Therefore, they do have too much search volume, and so, they have less competition. As a result, you can easily rank higher with relevant long-tail keywords, and you can also quickly know what the searcher is looking for.

So, these are some of the tips that mix with Babylon will surely help you increase your traffic and engagement too.