Main things to focus if you want more visitors on your website

Your website’s content is absolutely key to attracting visitors because it’s the reason why they should come to your site.

Hundreds of millions of people are trying to find answers to questions and problems every day online. Your website’s goal is to try to answer some of those questions for a small group of people- your target audience.

While it’s labor-intensive, an SEO-optimized blog is still an extremely effective way to attract organic website traffic. The trick is to write your blog posts to answer specific questions for your niche target audience.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the art and science of strategically writing and designing your website in order to get more traffic from search engines.

There’s a good reason why SEO experts are so in demand. Getting your search engine visibility right can make or break your business. While SEO is a fast-changing and often complex topic, there are a few basics to understand.

Search engines such as Google have algorithms built to crawl the world’s websites, scoring them on several factors: site speed- how fast the pages and content load, quality content- whether the content is valuable, easy to read and answers actual questions people are asking online, UX or user experience- how user-friendly the design is, and referencing- how many other websites link to yours (this obviously links back to quality content)


Another way to bring relevant traffic to your website is to seek visibility through third-parties who have a larger audience than you. These could be mentions in the media; podcast, radio or TV interviews with an influencer in your industry; public speaking and brand partnerships, or guest blogging for larger websites with the audience you want to reach.

Start small and get creative.

While it’s challenging to be picked up in the mainstream media, it’s not impossible. Even without hiring a professional PR consultant to sell your pitch into journalists, you might just get a yes by pitching a compelling story with a unique angle or by offering to speak as an expert on a trending topic.

Building an audience takes time. Building a strong ranking on Google takes time.

Like everything, there’s no free shortcut to getting traffic to your website. But the good news is, you can start today. Start small, but start today.