Get more US and Canada traffic on your website with these techniques

If you want to get more traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada the best thing to do is to target keywords that are highly searched for in these locations. You will need to do keyword research and select the US, UK, and Canada as the locations you want. Look for keywords that have a good number of people searching for it in these locations with good CPC and target it. Write good articles with those keywords, do proper on-page and off-page search engine optimization on the article so that you can rank well on SERP to drive more target traffic that you desire.

When you connect with other blogs in your niche, it attracts their blog readers to come and read your blog. As a blogger, you need to learn how to connect and engage with other bloggers from the US, UK, and Canada by reading regularly their blog posts, posting comments on their blogs, writing a guest post on their blogs and making engaging discussions with their readers too.

If you have enough money in your pocket instead of hiring expect to drive traffic to your blog while not use that same money and pay blog admin’s to advertise your blog on their blogs. You can use sites like BuySellAds to find popular US and Canadian blogs with a good amount of traffic and purchase an ad slot on them so as to get their blog readers to visit your blog.

Google webmaster tool has an option that can allow you target a particular country to show your website mostly to that country but I don’t know if Google actually uses it to determine where to place your blog on search results but there is no harm in giving it a try.

When I say targeted traffic, it simply means the ability to get good blog visitors or readers that will be interested in buying an advertiser’s products or services. By applying these techniques, mentioned above, with Babylon’s highly targeted traffic you will get enough USA and Canadian traffic to start making money online. Many bloggers get a good amount of traffic to their blog but unfortunately, that traffic is not valuable because they are coming from poor countries and those countries hardly buy anything online as a result of the fact that they don’t have enough money to purchase.