How to increase page views on your website

As much as you’d like it to, increasing your page views doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it involves a lot of work with minimal immediate results. However there is some good news – there are many things you can do to increase pageviews, so get started with these tips to see your page views grow over time.

Of course, it is a no-brainer that more visitors will be attracted to your website if you frequently publish good-quality content. It also earns your website trust and authority, which are both crucial to increase pageviews. So our advice? Spend time and resources on developing content that is informative, interesting, entertaining, accessible, credible and valuable to help increase page views and visits.

The user experience must be seamless to ensure visitors land on your site and visit multiple pages to ultimately increase your page views. Make your website easy to consume by checking the formatting, style, and design, as well as the page loading time. If any of these components are not right, visitors will bounce off your site immediately, no matter how good your content is.

Each piece of content on your blog should contain 2-5 links in total, some to your onsite content and others to relevant content that gives the reader more information or a new perspective. Links to your own content direct visitors to another page of your website, which is an extra pageview for minimal effort, so don’t forget to include a range of links.

Imagery has a huge impact on the number of visits a website gets, especially from social media platforms. Use good-quality, high-resolution imagery for all of your blog posts, whether you create the imagers in-house, or use stock image sites such as Stocksy, Dollar Photo Club and Unsplash.

Always share your content across multiple social media platforms, and do it more than once. Try different approaches and platforms to find where you get the most traction and then take advantage of it. Social media platforms are the biggest driver of pageviews right now, so start sharing and find your ultimate combination.

So these are some techniques that you should start implementing right now if you want to have more visitors on your website. Additionally, for the best results possible, I would,  If I were you, also use high-quality tool called Babylon and mix this tool with mentioned tactics.