Increase clicks on your affiliate links

Be helpful with tutorials & reviews. These are some of the oldest affiliate marketing methods, but they still work like gangbusters.  Quality and helpful reviews can sell products insanely well.  Tutorials that demonstrate how to use a product can also help sales more complex products such as software and electronics.

Underline your hyperlinks on your site.  This makes a huge difference. Some themes don’t underline links out-of-the-box.  If you include affiliate links on your site, you definitely want to tweak the theme so links are underlined.  Moreover, make the links a shade of blue.  I say blue because that’s the most popular color of links and therefore visitors know it’s a link immediately.

Charts and Tables are a very good website feature to get more clicks.   If you use Tablepress, you can embed the shortcode anywhere on your site. Be creative – whenever you can use a table or chart to present info, use it because they convert very, very well.

Another great link text to put at the end of product description or under a product image is “Learn more here.”  It creates mystery but it’s also pretty legitimate because they will learn more such as price and product specifications at the merchant’s site.  I use this a lot.

If you run a Facebook page, one, two or three posts with affiliate links is a good idea during a peak shopping period.  You must indicate it’s an ad such as “Ad” in the text area.

You can put affiliate links in the video description.  Again, indicate it’s an affiliate link. In a nutshell, post affiliate links anywhere that permit affiliate links and you can get eyeballs on them.FYI, YouTube can be a great source for passive affiliate income.

The point is to leverage whatever assets you have in a method that’s working currently.  Video is huge on Facebook, so think of a way you can harness video.