Buying YouTube views

Many think that once they buy YouTube views, they don’t need to think about comments and likes. They believe that buying views is something like an all-in-one package. Of course, some videos are capable of going viral after the view-buying kick-start, but most videos won’t get organic comments and likes based on bought views alone.

This is why buying comments and likes, in addition to buying views, is a legitimate tactic to help rank your video better. On YouTube, it’s all about engagement – the more people engage with your content, the more traffic and the better ranking you’ll get.

You don’t have to worry about your reputation as a creator, as bought comments aren’t necessarily generic. If you go with a quality provider, you may pay more, but you’ll also get comments that are more organic. Buying fake views is, again, only a part of the whole picture.

Quality platforms will provide you with views that vary widely, not only in terms of location but also in terms of their origin. Cheap views will likely get you a bot that will simply engage with your content on a random basis. Quality bought views will provide you with views from social media accounts and websites. This is why quality views cost more and also why they are way more effective.

If you go for a cheap service, you will get a number of fake views that will likely end up recognized by the YouTube algorithm and removed at some point. However, if you invest more money into view buying, you’ll get views that are organic and legitimate. A mix of both kinds of bought views is better for you in the long run.

It’s important to realize that you can buy views from YouTube itself, by investing in YouTube ads. People wouldn’t just throw their money on these if they didn’t get views as a result. Besides, YouTube guarantees a certain number of views, depending on the dollar amount that you set. This is one of the most important proofs that YouTube isn’t against buying views.