Different monetization models for traffic arbitrage

The choice of the offer and advertising platform influences not only the efficiency of arbitrage but also the income of the arbitrage specialist. There are several monetization models and anyone can choose the most suitable option.

Pay per click, PPC. The reward is paid each time the user clicks the referral link. Not the most popular type of affiliate program but a rather simple one. On average, a click costs from $0.01 to $0.25. In case you work with such an offer, the most convenient way to attract traffic is to use clickbait texts and eye-catching banner ads.

Pay per action, PPA. The affiliate gets a reward if a customer makes a certain action on the advertiser website, for example, registers or downloads some products. It is a rather profitable and not the most difficult type of the affiliate program, as you do not have to dispose of users to make a purchase and spend money.

Cost per mille, CPM. The least profitable arbitrage option, when the reward is paid for ad views. The cost is set for 1,000 impressions.

Cost per sale, CPS. A profitable type of offer in terms of the price. In case the advertiser’s conditions are met, the affiliate gets a percentage of the revenue. For example, a customer follows the link of the arbitrage specialist and goes to the Internet store, where he or she makes a purchase. In this case, the arbitrage specialist gets the commission. In a variety of this model, customers are attached to affiliates on a regular basis and commission is paid from all purchases of the customer.

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The core idea of traffic arbitrage is to redirect the user flow from one website to another one. The person that provides the end resource with visitors gets a certain payment for that. Traffic arbitrage allows earning both small and big sums. To work successfully and achieve a high level of revenues, one needs a systematic approach and accurate calculations. Upon a proper approach, invested effort, time, and money payback.