Beneficial sides of Alexa Ranking for your SEO

Alexa has always been a simple and valid way to measure the popularity of a site. Here are seven ways you can use it for your online business:

Alexa’s most useful function is to compare your website with another one in your niche — or to get a fix on where you stand within the market.

Comparing the competition not only gives you ideas on what’s working in your niche but gives you a goal to work towards.

When your site is losing traffic, the first reaction is usually panic. After that, you start looking at why. It’s useful to look at the performance of other websites in your market.

If they’re also losing rankings, that’s a clue that something bigger is affecting your niche. It could be a Google algorithm update, a seasonal change in demand, or changing trends.

If you’re losing rank and your competitors are gaining, what are they doing differently?

There are all kinds of reasons you might want a quick estimate of how well a website is performing. It could be to assess the traffic potential of a new online business idea or simple curiosity.

Growing your online business means you will start to receive a lot of requests from potential collaborators. For example, blogs asking you to guest-post, sponsorship requests, or joint ventures in promoting a product.

Alexa ranking gives you a “big picture” test of reasonableness for a single site. A marketer with something to sell (e.g., ad space on his site) might claim that he gets 10,000 visitors per day.

When you find a ranking of 5,000,000 at Alexa for that site, you can be 99.9% sure he’s lying. With a single, free check, Alexa has saved you time, money and the usual ugly ending when dealing with a liar!

When you’re looking for other businesses that can help yours, Alexa ranking helps you evaluate which ones have potential.

You’re seeking high-traffic sites, meaning the Alexa ranking is more reliable. As you use Alexa more and more, you’ll develop a strong frame of reference for what’s outstanding traffic in your niche vs. “not worth pursuing.”

No matter what niche you’re in, Alexa is invaluable when you’re trying to figure out who’s delivering the goods.

The definition of success should not be “putting up a stunning website,” with the implication that business success follows automatically. It’s about building income and equity.

Since most individual website owners don’t make their income public, the best evidence of success for the majority of online businesses is traffic.

You can’t earn if you don’t have visitors and that’s why I would warmly suggest traffic tool like Babylon. It gives you that boost so your business can, not only survive but also thrive.