How much traffic your website should be getting

While there have been a lot of discussions lately about how much traffic a website should be receiving, online marketing experts stand unanimous about the fact that there is no ideal number that can be followed by all websites to determine their own commercial standing in the industry. This agreement is based on the essential reasoning that when it comes to determining traffic scores for websites there are a large number of variables involved.

In order to have a fair idea about how much traffic your website should be getting, it is helpful to observe the most common trends that have been consistently recorded across a large number of websites belonging to various service groups. Looking at a completely generalized traffic data has been proved more helpful than following traffic scores of sites that have been collated on the basis of a particular variable as the figures are often misleading.

When it comes to determining the efficacy of your site based on traffic it is very vital to understand the vast difference between the essential qualities of the traffic as opposed to its quantity. Let suppose that site A attracts more than 10,000 visitors per day while site B attracts a much lower number than usually hovers around 500 – 1500 visitors. The above figures do not make site A naturally a more commercially successful website as opposed to site B. This is because even though the traffic score of site A may be on the higher side but when we look at the conversion rate we might realize that site B is actually creating around 50 – 70 customers per day while the former site is hardly hitting the 20 clients a day mark.

It is therefore important to understand that when you are looking at improving your website’s traffic score you need to primarily focus on optimizing the quality and nature of your traffic rather than maximizing the number of visitors who are clicking on your website. Once you have the right marketing strategies in place you will be able to attract more and more targeted clients that will automatically optimize your profits.