Traffic generator software

There are essentially two types of traffic generator software. The first is a type of robot that creates traffic for your website and nothing else. The second is a bit more advanced, a program that creates a link pyramid to boost your site SEO and pulls in organic traffic.

Traffic robots are generally cheap programs, primarily for one reason; their traffic is valueless. Yes, running one of those programs “works” in a sense, in that it boosts your pure traffic numbers. The problem is the quality of that traffic. If your visits are all coming from robots that bounce after a second and don’t click links, you’re not gaining any benefit. The majority of their processing power is spend cycling through proxies to make your traffic appear as though it comes from a variety of different sources. The thing is, all of this traffic has a high bounce rate and zero engagement; it doesn’t click links, it doesn’t read pages, it doesn’t scroll or anything else. It just loads the page. Functionally, all it does is increase a few numbers in your analytics and put a little strain on your server.

SEO programs, on the other hand, are more expensive. This is because the traffic they generate is actual, real organic traffic. Sophisticated robots may click around your website and spend some time, but rarely do they bring many benefits. Most of them never leave comments or share on social media. Any comments you might receive from a robot typically come from third party spambots trying to use your site as a link to their sites, essentially making you the target of someone else’s efforts to do what you’re trying to do. Babylon Traffic is the best traffic software that I know, specifically because it’s not run by robots, it’s run by actual humans.