How to drive traffic with inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is very important for your business because it allows you to build trust with high-quality leads who demonstrate an active interest in your product or service.

This is particularly important if your business has a relatively long sales cycle. If your prospects generally take their time to research different offerings and weigh the pros and cons of each, building brand awareness and trust is big.

The first thing you should do to start driving traffic is to start blogging. The more educational your blog is—and the more frequently you update it with fresh content—the more likely you are to become the trusted brand that prospects remember as they move towards the bottom of the marketing funnel.

As awesome as written content can be, people don’t always have the time (or the desire) to sit down and consume 2,000 words about long-tail keywords, for example.

Sometimes, your prospect just wants a quick snapshot of insightful data, ideally presented in an aesthetically pleasing format.

Plus, if the information you’re sharing is especially valuable there’s a good chance it will generate considerable buzz around the interwebs.

An ebook is another opportunity to develop your brand as an authoritative resource of actionable, insightful information. Typically, it’s free of charge and exchanged for contact information.

If you decide to incorporate ebooks into your inbound strategy—and I do recommend it—don’t take the task lightly. Remember: You’re writing a book.

That implies a pretty serious level of sophistication. You should reserve this content format for your truly hard-hitting material.

The podcast format allows you to attach some personality to your brand. That way, when your prospects are making their final decisions, they’ll remember you as both a valuable and relatable resource.

Of course, not all of these tactics are going to be right for you. In fact, you may find that only one or two are good fits for your broader marketing strategy.

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