How to drive online traffic to your website without money

First, if you haven’t already, create a blog or website:  In order to promote your business, you must have a way for your potential customers to learn what your business is all about in an easy to access format. A website or blog is the perfect way to achieve this.

Secondly, define your business objective: Before you can reasonably expect to get free traffic in the ways listed in this article, you must definite your business’s objective. If you can’t define your business’s purpose, then your potential customer or loyal reader definitely won’t be able to. They need to know what’s in for them and what they can expect from your business.

Once you have done these two above, start with a promotional video. When people feel connected to the face (or faces) behind a business, they are more likely to establish a relationship of trust and you will appear more credible if your video is created well. Video is one of the most effective ways to get free traffic to your website at the moment as social media platforms are placing a huge emphasis on this medium of engaging content.

Use platforms like Google +, Quora, Facebook groups, and more to establish yourself in the online atmosphere. Communicate with others, offer your help (without always linking to your website, posts, etc) and develop relationships. You’ll develop trust and credibility and from there you can offer services, connect to collaborate, and more.

Guest posting is a smart way to get your name out there and grow your audience. This is an especially smart step to take when just starting out because it hits on three good ways to increase your blog traffic: you gain additional referral traffic, your site gains link equity (link juice) and you gain credibility/authority by posting on other authoritative sites.

The most tried and true of free traffic sources, social media is also still a great way to get targeted traffic on your website content. Despite its ever-increasing competitiveness, there is no better place to reach customers than where they spend several hours of their day — glued to social networks.

Now that you’ve discovered many options to get more traffic, brainstorm which ones may work best for you. Go after it, conquer it, and then try your hand at another until you’ve got a toolbox of successful strategies to promote your business.