Create a high converting website with these tips

Getting your calls to action right is the most basic but important thing you can optimize on a website. They will typically appear on most pages, and will always be a key part of the buying journey, so maximizing the clicks on your main calls to action is important, but also one of the simplest and quickest ways of increasing conversion rates. Using active language instead of generic, passive language on buttons can greatly improve engagement rates, and lead to more sales and conversions. By giving your user a snippet of what to expect when they click, they’re more likely to interact with a button.

For many service businesses, the contact form is your primary route for contact. Filling out a contact form can be quite a commitment for a prospective customer, so it’s important to remove as many barriers as possible, by providing reassurance of what’s going to happen next. Using a natural, conversational tone in your contact forms can lead to an increase in conversion. This type of form can appear more friendly and seems less intimidating even though it’s asking for five separate pieces of information, all of which are sensitive and private. This approach removes some of the barriers associated with forms and provides a different, fresh approach that can spark curiosity and interest in your potential customer. In the case above, it provides an engaging way to proceed further through the site, without committing to any specific outcome.

Just like with active language on buttons, it’s important to always provide clickable options that customers can quickly and easily understand, and avoid guesswork or confusion. This also applies to mobile, where space is at a premium. Although it’s inevitable you’ll need to hide some navigation behind a “burger menu”, it’s good practice to expose your primary actions at all times.

As you can see, there are many designs, copy and UX elements that you can test out on your website to increase your website conversion rate.