Great alternatives for Craiglist

eBay is one of the most trusted brands online. Apart from their auction market, they offer members the opportunity to offer items through their classified sections where there are no fees. Members post offerings and they are shown only to other local members to make it easy for pickup.

The service is offered nearly everywhere eBay has a presence. In the US, their classifieds network is simply eBay Classifieds but in other parts of the world, they have partnered with other classified networks such as Kijiji, Gumtree, and alaMaula. By clicking on the link provided here, you will be taken to the US network but at the bottom of that page, you will find a link to all eBay Classifieds Networks.

Locanto is a worldwide classifieds website but can be localized depending on how you want to use it. While most of the ads you post here are free, you do have the option to add premium features such as pinning your ad to the top of the page for your chosen category, extending the add to be featured in nearby cities or related categories, or by adding a gallery feature which displays your add on every page.

Backpage offers many of the same features as Craigslist and services over 700 cities. But it services many locations throughout Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Latin America, and even Africa. In order to post an ad you will have to register but there is no cost. Before you post an ad, make sure you read the terms of service as well as the safety guidelines.

Adland pro offers both free and paid classified advertising as well as providing a vibrant Networking community. You are allowed up to 3 free ads per day with a maximum of 20 active ads. Once you reach the maximum, your older ads will be removed. Alternatively, you can join their affiliate program for free. Doing so will remove the limitations, earn you free advertising credits as well as commissions and allow you access to their premium products.