Top techniques for SEO

The type of content you’ll create will depend entirely on your audience. The better you know them — their location, age, interests, etc. — the better the content you’ll create (and the better your SEO).

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that backlinks are important in the SEO world.

According to Google, links are still the #1 factor when it comes to determining search rank because without them “ranking without links is really, really hard.”

However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking “any link is a good link.” Low-quality links that are easily spammed — blog comments, paid links, etc. — don’t seem to work anymore and can actively harm your site.

Links that are earned—through high-quality content, outreach and influencer marketing- on the other hand, are safe and extremely effective.

YouTube videos rank in the top 10 of Google search far more often than any other type of video. Most SEOers forget about YouTube when they think of search engines. But if you’re smart, have a knack for creating engaging videos, and have the time to invest in optimizing each video for YouTube SEO, there’s no reason you can’t build a huge audience on that platform.

Also, don’t neglect local SEO. As powerful as search engines like Google or Bing are, they still can’t be everywhere at once and have to rely on additional information from local, on-the-ground sources. Because Google is the largest search engine, start with Google My Business- a free-to-use listing service, and update your data accordingly. Be sure to list important details like extra locations, the latest opening hours, and what forms of payment are acceptable.

SEO is rapidly changing from one year to the next, with new algorithms constantly emerging and Google frequently editing their webmaster guidelines. Business owners and marketers have to adapt quickly, but it’s still possible to give your business website the edge on your competition.