How to promote YouTube channel the right way

The vast majority of YouTube videos have only a handful of views.

But when you learn how to promote YouTube videos the right way, you can get the kind of traffic that seems reserved for celebrities and huge brands.

First, SEO your YouTube channel. It’s not as complicated as regular SEO (search engine optimization). It’s not as money- or time-intensive as getting your own website to the top of Google. But just like Google search, YouTube has its own search algorithm. With SEO, you get your videos seen by your target audience.

Branding is sort of like gravity. We can’t see it. The average person can’t measure it. But you know it’s there because of the results.

To promote YouTube videos like a rockstar develop a clear branding strategy. Not having a distinct video intro can kill your chances on YouTube. A 3-5 second intro identifies your brand. As people learn to trust your brand, it gives them a reason to keep watching.

They know this will be good. They know who you are.

Without an identifying intro, people might watch several videos randomly. They don’t make the connection that one awesome brand is providing all of this content.

You don’t control the color of your page. But you have control over the color and look of your thumbnails and videos. Make it consistent. Use a single font in the video. People will come to associate this font with your brand. Make it distinct but legible. 

There are a million videos out there that go something like “10 ways to do something”. Interviews with an influencer, on the other hand, allow you to provide a very unique, or at least rare, type of content. For people who admire and/or trust that influencer, this is a very desirable piece. The perfect influencer for your brand should somehow connect to your brand by industry or niche.

These proven techniques are how the biggest brands drive traffic. And they don’t have to cost a fortune. Work smart. Start with SEOing your channel and videos.

Make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. Leverage the power of social media to reach the right audience. Lastly, integrate your YouTube and blog to drive traffic between them. Brand yourself. Interview an influencer.