Great sites that can potentially drive traffic to your site

Social media and SEO are the obvious ones that every marketer tries to get traffic from, which leads to stiff competition.  But there are opportunities elsewhere if you know where to look.

There are so many other sites from which you can get traffic to your website that the majority of marketers never even take a second look at them unless one of them explodes. I’m going to give you three specific examples of sites with tons of traffic that you can potentially drive back to your site.

Etsy is another up and comer that will eventually be saturated by marketers. But it’s not at that point yet. If you sell any sort of high-quality jewelry, crafts, home decor, or clothing, it’s a fantastic e-commerce marketplace.

Why compete against so many businesses on Amazon for customers looking for the cheapest option, when there is a ton of traffic comprised of people who care a lot about those things and will pay a fair price for them? There are no tricks to increasing your sales on Etsy. If you have a product that is actually great, people will see it, and you will make sales.

No doubt you’ve heard of BuzzFeed, but have you ever considered it as a traffic source?

If you have a younger demographic in a social niche (like entertainment, home decor, food, etc.), it could be a great source. BuzzFeed not only has a ton of traffic but also allows you to contribute your own content to it.

Forbes is a magazine site for all topics related to business. And while it’s possible to be invited to contribute, you can also drive traffic back to your site with a much simpler method: comments.

Blog commenting back in the day used to be extremely popular. Eventually, people realized that it didn’t always produce results. The main reason for that is because they commented on blogs that had barely any traffic, to begin with. Any post on the main page of Forbes will get tens of thousands of views. Even if a small portion of those people read your comment, that’s at least a few hundred eyeballs.

Search engines and social media giants are fantastic sources of traffic for almost all businesses.

But…they are hard to capitalize on.

The best marketers win big, while a large portion of marketers struggles.

Unless you’re already getting a great ROI on them, you’re probably better off finding new traffic sources that marketers in your industry haven’t saturated yet.