Where to promote your programming blog

There is no big value in a hidden pearl or piece of art. It needs to be shown to fully shine. Same with your blog post. You’ve written a valuable blog post? Great! The first point on the list is checked. But please not forget about the second step — promote it (you can replace “promote it” with “tell people about it”).

Here are the best places where you should promote your blog:

LinkedIn — past a link to your article if it’s connected with your profession.

Quora— find a question for which your article can be an answer. Reply with some short answer and add that a more detailed answer can be found in your article (+ link).

Facebook groups— first find and join thematic groups. Next, you can either answer people’s questions and paste a link, or you can post presenting your new blog post.

Newsletters or linklogs — find the most popular newsletters for your domain. Most of them allow you to submit your blog post URL. It can be presented on the webpage or sent via email to all subscribers. Try to describe shortly your content.

Reposting — this is controversial. By “reposting” I mean when you take your blog post content and create a new article on LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Tumblr or another blog. There are two faces of that. If you want to build your personal brand or share your blog post with a maximum number of readers, that’s definitely ok to repost. But you have to know that it can lower your position in Google as their algorithm will thread that action as spamming. I personally use that technique as I saw a few publications in which authors have shown that this bad impact is not so bad as it seems. I do not repost every single blog post, but rather I try to pick these I think can bring the biggest value to the readers.

Mailing list — it’s a real asset of every blogger, so you should start building it from the beginning. You can use Mailchimp for it. I use it personally. With every new blog post, I’m sending an email to my subscribers to inform them about it.

Promoting your blog post is a mandatory step. You should do this no matter if you want to reach a wider audience but also if a blog is your method to build a personal brand.