The best forums to help your websites SEO

If you have relevant, valuable content, you can attract more visitors to your website.

To do that, you need to know about on-page optimization to help you have well-structured content. This way you can provide a better user experience.

Adding to that, you need to have off-page optimization too.

Focusing on building a relationship with other websites, this optimization method gives you a long term benefit. If well-implemented, this effort will help your site increase its Page Authority.

That being said, the failure to keep updated with the latest SEO practices is a great loss. Being uninformed might mislead you towards employing an outdated strategy.

This is why joining an SEO forum can be one of the methods to seek SEO solutions.

Warrior Forum is one of the largest marketing community forums out there. It has many different categories, from internet marketing to SEO with more than 200,000 threads as of writing.

Google Webmaster Help Community is owned by Google and generates more than 1,000 threads per month.

In this forum, you can ask questions and discuss anything about Google products and services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

From the main page, you can jump right into certain categories like CrawlingIndexing, and Ranking. Or, you can just type your issue in the search bar.

V7N is a web development community that manages many forums with subjects ranging from web development to marketing. SEO forum is the subcategory of the marketing forum that has reached more than 19,000 threads.

You can join this forum for free. Once you register, you can start a thread or join discussions about SEO. There are interesting topics like “how to boost organic traffic” and “SEO trends in 2019” which might be beneficial to join.

You most likely already know Reddit. They have different topic threads called subreddits, SEO is one of them (r/SEO).

This SEO section has more than 97,000 members that discuss SEO tips and case studies.

Once you register, you can create a post. The good thing is you can decide where you want to post it — your profile, original content communities or r/SEO. You can also choose the subcategories by adding labels of r/SEO to be more precise.

SEO forums are the best place for getting help if you have SEO issues to solve or want to broaden your knowledge. It can also be a great medium for building an online reputation and expanding your business network.