The best website traffic sources

It is not easy to get free traffic if you are a beginner in online marketing. Search engines do not trust your website, you do not have backlinks or a big following on social media.

But you must find your direction.

Search engine traffic is the best traffic that a website can get. It is the type of traffic that any online marketer wants for his business. Because it is the most targeted traffic you can find on the internet. Targeted traffic means sales. When you get ranked for specific keywords, the search engines visitors who type these keywords are highly interested in reading relevant content and/or products. If you create content 2-3 times per week or more after some months you may get ranked on the first page of Google. It is not an easy way but if you want to master something in 2019, SEO is my top recommendation.

Youtube is growing rapidly in the last few years. Start a youtube channel for your website. If you want Youtube to be the main source of traffic for your website or your landing page then you must be really good at creating videos.

There are many ways to do this. Powerpoint videos, recording your desktop and talking in front of the camera are the most common ways that Youtubers use to create videos. You can also hire someone to create great videos for you if you have a budget to spend.

I think that building an audience on Instagram can be a very profitable strategy in the coming years. In some niches, it can be a better traffic source than Facebook and YouTube.

You can expect a lot of engagement if you create interesting posts. Many influencers get tons of likes and comments for very simple posts.

If you want to get started with Instagram, you need to play the Instagram game.

First of all, you will need a good mobile phone. You will work with the phone and upload photos or videos. Next, you must be consistent, post content relevant to your niche and be active daily.

Many businesses depend on their traffic from Instagram to make sales and the last years, many new big names have been created on that platform.

In my opinion, these are the three best free traffic sources.

You want to avoid trying a little of everything. There are many more ways to get traffic than these ones, I just present to you the most effective of them. If I had to recommend one of them for a new website, I would go with the SEO traffic at the beginning.