Free analysis tools you should use

There is a variety of tools out there for website analysis and lots of them are free. Out of the 3 best web analytics tools are embodied here. Some can analyze one specific feature of a page and others can provide a complete grade to the page as an entirety. The majority of them will help out with your SEO activities. Experiment a few of them that look interesting and useful.

Google Analytics is one of the most effective free web log analysis tools available on the market. There are some reports that don’t seem to be available; however, the graphs and precise reports make it quite interesting. Some companies have the reservation in allowing a giant company like Google direct access to their website metrics, while other companies dislike requiring a bug placed on their web pages so as to track them.

AWStats is also a good free web analysis software. This log analyzer works as a CGI script on your server or from the command line. You run it and it assesses your weblogs with different reports. You will be able to use it to evaluate FTP and mail logs also as weblog files. Some helpful options include the flexibility to transform reports to text, XML, and PDF, a report on 404 pages also the referrers for them, plus all the page view stats and typical visitor

Web Page Analyzer is a free tool that provides you with plenty of significant information to care with. It will check the loading time of a page, what number of objects is on the page, the extent of the objects and more. The very useful part of the report is that the “Analysis and Recommendations” portion was classified as a list of 11 qualities of the page and provides a grade. Where Red shows warnings, yellow items are cautions, and green means good.