Traffic sources and what to focus on

Truth is that if you are serious about your online business, you don’t want to focus on just one traffic source or even channel. The internet is littered with dead sites that lost organic traffic (and lots of revenue) after a Google algorithm update.

The cool thing is that with your online marketing efforts to increase traffic, it can be more than the sum of its parts. Your Social Media efforts can lift your SEO. Building a relationship with another website may could not only give you access to a bigger email list but also a guest post opportunity.

All of this can be overwhelming. So what do you focus on right now? In many cases, my answer is “content”, which is the currency of much of the Internet. Remember “content” doesn’t have to be text, if you are into videos, video marketing is a great way to get traffic.

So figure out what content you can provide (even if it is you being interviewed) and focus on consistently getting that content created and shared.

Another answer is “relationships”. Whether you want to focus on email marketing or you’re looking for other people to share your content, relationships power the reach of your content.

And finally, don’t overlook paid traffic or your email list for getting your offer in front of the right people. These channels are highly converting, particularly if you have built a relationship with your prospects.

No matter which traffic channel you focus on, it takes effort to increase traffic to your website. Nothing is for “free” and everything takes time. However, if you want to speed up the process of getting higher on Google’s rank than I would warmly suggest Babylon Traffic. It generates a surge of activity for your business and or products, highly necessary for your overall website visibility.