Daily responsibilities of an SEO executive

An SEO expert has a thorough understanding of online research methods that can be beneficial to clients. Right from the latest marketing trends to online venues, techniques, and tools that will improve the client’s online presence are all managed by the SEO expert. However, many people believe SEO is a one time task wherein optimizing done once and you can focus on other areas of the website. That is not true, SEO is an ongoing job which requires concentrated efforts and resource for achieving success. So if you lack time or expertise then hiring a reliable SEO expert can be a wise choice.

There are various responsibilities of SEO experts such as knowledge of the two levels of optimization– on-page optimization and Off-page optimization. An SEO expert is responsible for analyzing the client’s goal and designing a marketing plan that works best. He also works within the budget allotted by the client for marketing campaigns and other purchases.

It is an SEO expert’s responsibility to protect the personal information provided by the client and he decides on the best domain name, Titles, Headings and sub-headings. Using effective search engine keywords in relevant places within the website should be taken care of by the SEO Expert. Making changes in design, content, and links as per requirements.

Executive needs also to be up-to-date with the latest SEO news and methods such as Google’s Algorithm. Should take part in online forums and SEO communities to interact with SEO leader.

To add blog pages if required and submit articles to directories for getting back-links, also try new methods that can prove beneficial.

Thoroughly monitor website performance and take necessary steps to improve traffic. Technical issues such as 404 Error, Duplicate Content, problems related to XML and HTML sitemap, broken links, etc should be rectified. Should develop user and mobile-friendly website to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR) and improve search engine rankings. Write a catchy outline and unique content to grab the viewer’s attention. Place them properly throughout the website and remove outdated ones.

To draw the customer’s attention, an SEO Specialist/Expert and team lead should also create online ad campaigns, and press releases if demanded by the client.

Most importantly he should be able to generate traffic, and based on my experience I would say the best way to turn them into leads and convert those leads into sales is with a quality tool such as Babylon Traffic.