How to attract customers to your new Shopify store

The key to bringing your potential customers to your Shopify store is to get your website in front of them. The more exposure that you can get for your website, whether it’s through social media platforms or through search engines, will help boost your e-commerce site traffic.

To get more links and increase traffic to your online shop is by writing a blog post that features influencers in your niche market.

Do a little bit of research and figure out who the major players are in your niche. These people, frequently called “influencers”, likely have the attention of your target audience and will provide a great source of referral traffic.

Once you have your list of influential blogs, write a short feature about each of them in an expert round-up style blog post. Once the post is published, share it on social media and tag each of the blogs. You could even reach out to the blog owners via email and let them know that you’ve just written a feature about them.

Just like the influential blogs in your niche market help you increase website traffic, so too can social media. The easiest way to get your product or shop in front of your target audience through social media is by starting an influencer marketing campaign.

A social media influencer is an account that has a high number of followers who are relatively engaged.

Not only does influencer marketing increase brand awareness and web traffic, but it also increases the average order value on Shopify. Collaborating with a social media influencer reaps major rewards and is well worth the investment.

To begin an influencer marketing campaign, you will first need to decide how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy. Depending on your primary objectives for the influencer campaign, you may first want to increase brand awareness with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Most importantly, remember that the more traffic that you have to your site, the more sales that you will make.