Good traffic sources for CPA offers

Every traffic source comes with a certain cost. It depends upon the type of traffic it has, the quality of traffic provided, as well as the number of GEOs you can monetize it.

Some sources offer high converting traffic while others don’t. Moreover, the competition is tough. Some traffic sources are overpriced. However, there are cheap traffic providers, as well, that can make your traffic grow to new heights.

So, you should do extensive research on various traffic sources. It will help you a lot in selecting the right traffic source for your affiliate site or offer.

Affiliate marketing requires you to focus on a specific niche and learn as much as you can about it. So, you’ll come to know everything about the products you’re working with. Moreover, you’ll establish yourself as an authority and gain your audience’s trust.

It will build your audience’s confidence, and they will buy your affiliate products. There are many paid traffic sources that can help you in achieving this. So, you can attract the right audience that will buy from you.

Now, I head straight to the list and share with you the best affiliate traffic sources for high ROI.

Native ads have gained huge popularity with affiliate marketers. It’s a mix of image and text ads and looks like editorial content when placed on the website. These advertisements can be in social media, search, and even on the open web. They are suitable for affiliate marketing when you have good offers.

Social networking sites have garnered huge popularity worldwide and hold a sheer amount of traffic. They have massive user bases and so massive audiences, thereby making them a desired source of traffic for many affiliates. Traffic sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can offer you some serious revenue that you would not like to miss out on.

Mobile Advertising is perfect if you are looking to drive traffic to your Mobile App or website. It is meant exclusively for mobile devices. It serves banner ads, text ads, and multimedia-rich ads.

So, you see that there are various traffic sources (paid as well as free) for promoting affiliate offers. You can choose a combination of these methods with Babylon Traffic for promoting affiliate offers. However, as most of these are paid traffic sources, so should come up with a budget for promoting affiliate offers.