Free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

You could have a blog on your own website. In fact, you should. However, you should also consider blogging on a different platform too. A platform where eyes are. This benefits you in two ways: extra links for your search engine optimization ventures and more eyes on your offers. It can be easier to garner a following on WordPress or Blogspot instead of your own site. Nothing says you have to post your best content here, just something good enough to attract people towards your main website.

There are plenty of social media sites that are regarded as some of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. It is up to you to choose one which is perfect for you. At the minimum, you need to be on these ones: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In order to generate traffic from social media, you need to work hard on building up a following from people who are interested in what you are writing about.

With YouTube, you can gain your own following and include affiliate links right there. However, we are going to assume that you are looking to drive traffic to your website. In your videos, you may want to offer product reviews or general hints and tips about the niche you are working in. You will gain subscribers on YouTube if you can make quality content. However, the whole intention of making these YouTube videos is to show that you are knowledgeable about a niche. You are putting a face to the site, and that means more money in your pocket from those affiliate commissions.

Probably not good for all niches. However, Craigslist can be good for driving traffic to your website in certain areas. Shouldn’t be your ‘go-to’ method, as it is mostly a classifieds site for products and services, but a post once or twice per week wouldn’t go amiss. It is only about thirty minutes of work for potential traffic.

Everything that I included on this list is a genuinely ‘free’ source of traffic for affiliate marketing. No upfront cost. All it requires is a little bit of effort. If you take even a couple of these ideas into account, I am positive that you will have traffic heading to your website pretty sharpish.