Definition of Phygital Marketing

Phygital Marketing is when the physical world integrates the digital world and bridges the gap between offline users and online consumers. In other words, the action from users that requires a Sense of Urgency, while making sure they engage with the brand,  immerse in the experience & the product while getting value-add out of it & have real-time conversations are the requirements for a successful phygital marketing. 

The core idea is to make sure we can get users to interact physically using offline and online mediums with objects, products, services, visuals, etc that we otherwise see on a regular basis, but don’t necessarily engage with it in the real sense of the term.

As a digital marketer, your focus should not be merely to force purchases from prospects or have a pitch to sell all the time, but to predict the emotions that drive consumers to buy via the ‘mood retail’ concept, as in, driving decisions to engage based on insights and data about consumers.

With today’s technology, everything and anything is possible and bridging the gap between the online and offline world is something that you must do to catch and keep the attention of potential clients. People are more willing to give up their info the more they are amazed and believe they will get a worthy experience by giving up personal info.

Retailers are undoubtedly evolving their marketing strategies, blending physical and digital marketing together to create a holistic marketing space. And there are no signs it will be slowing down.

Digitization will continue to pervade the lives of consumers. And to engage with a demographic that wants digital technologies with them at all times, phygital is the way retailers will have to continue to go. So, make sure you are future-ready. Think about displays that accommodate the phygital.