How to drive more traffic to an Etsy shop

There are a bunch of different “tweaks” you can do to get more internal views!

Make sure that there are links out to other related products in your listings. Put a “general testimonial picture” in this listing so that I am getting them to buy in on like me and my stuff instead of trying to sell this exact page. Also do Etsy shop updates to get views from the Etsy homepage and research what Etsy thinks is “hot” by checking out the newsletters and SEO a couple of listing in the hopes of being featured.

Stop trying to get every one of your listings to rank for the same top keywords!

I see so many people trying to rank for the main keyword that is top in their niche. YES, it is worth it to take a couple of your listings and try to get them to rank for a top word. But then branch out and try to get people to your shop through other related keywords on your different listings.

Many “seasoned” sellers who used to get lots of views are complaining that their views are down (I was following a thread on this exact topic when I got the idea to write this post). One reason for this is that Etsy now only will have one listing per shopper page.

So if they have all their listings optimized for “silver jewelry” for example, they would get one listing on page one for that search, one listing on page two, etc.

I know it is frustrating when things change and what you used to do no longer works, but there is no sense crying over spilled milk. That is how Etsy search works now and if we want to get more views, we have to rank for more and different keywords!