Use these sources for affiliate marketing

There are a lot of roads to take when searching for the traffic sources for affiliate marketing, but some are more efficient than the other—social media, SEO, push notifications and whatnot. But with so many options at disposal, which ones actually do the trick of bringing in the audience?

Let’s look at the best traffic sources of affiliate marketing in 2019 that are capable of driving insane amounts of audiences to your website—the ones that actually convert into good, hot, returning users.

Social media marketing is a whole lot cheaper as a source of traffic but every inexpensive traffic source comes with plenty of research. You need to research on multiple dimensions and target audiences so as to make the most of a social media campaign. But note this: Social Media would be an important affiliate marketing source in the coming future.

With the rise of smartphone culture and everyone carrying a mobile phone, push notifications have risen to be one of the top traffic sources for affiliate marketing. You can say that it’s a bit ahead of its time, but this service started as a medium for mobile users to get instant notifications on desktop and phone. The best part about push notifications is that they don’t look spammy—the user opts in to receive push notifications because they genuinely want to be notified. You don’t have to worry about the quality of traffic anymore, as in most cases, the traffic is HQ. The customization options are plenty and open rates are high.

Email marketing is a dark horse not only in the list of top traffic sources for affiliate marketing but in the whole digital marketing picture. The best way to build a long term affiliate marketing relationship is by creating a traffic base that gets your emails every day and that these emails contain valuable content. You can go the long haul and build your own email audience for newsletters or you can buy spots on prevalent newsletters to generate traffic. Do note that every email newsletter doesn’t explicitly sell spots, but you have to ask them about it.

These are the 8 best traffic sources for affiliate marketing at the moment. You can sell anything on the internet and make good money off from it as long as you deliver the good stuff in your content. Remember that the efficiency of a traffic source varies with the niche and type of content.