Improve your AdSense click-through rate

One of the best ways to increase your AdSense click-through-rate, or CTR, is surprising- decrease the number of your ads on the page. If you’re not getting many clicks, you may want to pare down to a single ad and make it highly visible.

User experience is absolutely paramount in developing a profitable website, and having too many ads makes for unhappy readers. Sticking with a single prominent ad might perform much better than a bunch of ads that people aren’t seeing anyway.

Concentrating on having a sleek, streamlined, easy-to-use, effective website design will increase your CTR.

Think of your users first, and let your ad strategy grow from there.

One of the biggest factors that bloggers and developers often don’t consider is a layout, especially what equates to valuable real estate on the page.

You’re looking for prime real estate location here.

One of the best ways to figure out where to place your ads is through using heat maps. These applications track where people are clicking on your site, letting you pinpoint your prime real estate.

CrazyEgg is popular heat mapping tools—and you can even try it out for free. There are plenty of other options out there, too.

You can have a website that’s easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered with ads. You can get all the heat map data you want.

But if you still don’t have the content the visitor is after, they’ll leave and never come back. Great content is extremely important. It’s not the ads that increase your CTR, it’s the fact that you were able to attract traffic and keep visitors glued to the page.

AdSense is a wonderful utility for increasing revenue, and sometimes it’s the simplest tips that can cause a rapid increase in clicks.

But improving your AdSense click-through rate takes a lot of time, effort, and a continual process of trial and error. It’s always ongoing.