How to grow web traffic without SEO

As you may already know, online communities are a great place to get small, but highly-targeted website traffic without SEO. It’s all about being where your audience likes to hang; a gaming blog owner may join a relevant forum and periodically participate for some exposure to his signature link, for example. Otherwise, he may occasionally drop a direct link if it’s acceptable in the community at hand.

Popular online communities include Reddit, Yahoo Answers, Quora, and virtually thousands of public forums.

Using classifieds to get website traffic without SEO is a match made in heaven if your blog has the right things to offer. Do you provide blog coaching services? Plugin/theme support, or perhaps have an online job board? Do you have anything to sell on your blog? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, a classifieds website will most likely be of use.

While blog commenting is as old as Web 2.0 itself, I wanted to bring it up because this traffic tactic is largely underrated. Not only does commenting on niche blogs give you greater visibility, but it also enables you to form deep working relationships with the blog author as well. Once you master the art and science of blog commenting, you can get thousands of visitors back to your blog over time. Here are the essentials (seriously, don’t ignore this)…

Networking is a wonderful way to get website traffic without SEO, although it often leads to search engine hits over time as well. More specifically, form a relationship with many niche blogs and help each other out. If you refuse to reciprocate with everyone you meet, at least email them anyway to see how it goes.

All in all, you should ideally use a combination of the above for maximum results. Chances are you will gradually gain more SEO traffic due to these practices – but, consider it just a bonus if you are not in love with this form of traffic.