How to use geo-targeting in your marketing efforts

Marketing is all about connecting with people. The goal is to make someone want to buy from you, and part of that is making them feel like you know them. Landing pages are a great opportunity for this. Structure your landing pages around a person’s location.

This can mean simply using pictures from the surrounding area or structuring the landing page around a theme that is relevant.

Once you know your target audience, you can easily aim your advertisements towards areas where your target audience would be. Target audiences are often based on age, gender, and income. Knowing what cities fit these demographics best allows you to better target your ad campaigns. Let’s say that you own an online purse store. You have a broad range of bags, and since you’re an e-commerce site, your audience is global. But what products do you push where? Using geo-targeting, you use smart marketing tactics.

Inserting yourself as part of a community can be a great way to build brand loyalty with customers. But, as most small businesses know, making a name for yourself is easier said than done. Luckily, geo-targeting can make this task a little less daunting.

Surround your campaigns or newsletters around what’s going on in a specific area. If a town that you have a lot of subscribers from holds an antique fair once a year, use it in your marketing campaign. In your newsletter for that area, including tips and tricks on how to bargain prices, articles about the best booths from the year before and sales surrounding your own products that would speak to that target audience.

By doing this, you relate to the reader but you also position yourself as more than just a store. Now you’re a source for entertainment and information for what’s going on in their area. When you create a space for yourself in the day to day life of your customer, you’re on the way to marketing stardom.

Marketing is not an easy task, but geo-targeting can make it much easier. Armed with a great tool called Babylon Traffic, and these tips for how to use geo-targeting effectively, you can run a better-informed marketing campaign.