The best-paid traffic sources for affiliate offers

When people are going to make a purchasing decision, they often go to a search engine first. This is because people trust that Google will give them the most relevant answer to their question. Google Adwords is a great place to test your ad targeting for affiliate marketing.

Facebook Ads give you the opportunity to place a hidden Facebook Pixel on your website so you can capture the attention of people who have already visited your website (which is called retargeting).

It’s easier to convert someone who has heard of you before than someone completely new. Facebook Ads also allow you to target your ads based on what Facebook pages someone likes, what groups they are in, and other Facebook-specific information.

If your affiliate marketing content is heavily visual and you are trying to attract a younger-leaning demographic, Instagram Ads could be a great place to start experimenting. You can create Instagram Ads that are focused on different goals, meaning you can optimize for engagement or for paid traffic.

Influencer marketing is unique in that it isn’t confined to one search engine or social media ads platform. An influencer, meaning someone who inspires a large audience to take action, can market affiliate products anywhere. If you are building a personal brand and are interested in making affiliate marketing one of your primary sources of income, influencer marketing could be a great fit for you. As an influencer, you can experiment with multiple types of paid marketing channels and know you already have an interested audience listening. When people already know your name and have built trust with you, they are more likely to click on your affiliate ad and buy from you. This kind of influence can be invaluable!

In the end, with a few paid traffic sources under your belt, you can start thinking about how to use each platform to optimize your affiliate marketing income.